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You’ve walked by it on your way to the change room, but what exactly is behind that door
upstairs? The secret is out: our studio is proud to offer Fit3D ProScan technology – the most
scientific and comprehensive way to track your progress. Curious? Here’s the 411 on all things

1. What is the Fit3D Body scan?
The Fit3D ProScanner captures a full 360 model of your body, then automatically extracts the most important circumference, height, volume, and length measurements. The scanner produces a 3D image of your body, providing you with a baseline to track your progress and see the changes over time.

2. What does it measure?

Weight Loss
Get a detailed map of your weight loss progress to keep you motivated and
focused on your goals.
Body Composition
Receive a better understanding of your body fat, lean mass and muscle. You’ll
get a detailed report that shows measurements for each part of your body, and a
3D avatar that shows you exactly what your body looks like and how it changes
over time.
Posture & Body Balance
Gain deeper insights into your posture and balance.

3. Why should I do it?
Because you are your only competition. Fit3D gives you the most comprehensive look at your
progress. You can track where you started and how your body is changing to make more
accurate goals for yourself. It’s not just about lbs on the scale – it’s about making changes that
improve your wellbeing.

4. How much does it cost?
One Fit3D Scan per month is included in every Membership. Individual scans cost $20.

Ready to book your first scan with us? Drop us a line at!